We will pick you up very early in the morning –between 03:00 a.m. and 03:30 a.m.– at your respective hotels to begin our adventure. Subsequently, we will travel aboard our private transportation to the ¨Rainbow Mountain¨. A 2-hour trip will lead us to the Pitumarca community, where we will enjoy an exquisite breakfast. After our breakfast, we will travel for 1 hour until we reach the Pampachiri community. Once in Pampachiri, we will begin our 2.5 hours journey up the mountain.

Along our hike, we will walk down a pathway surrounded by mountains of vibrant colors and small streams of icy water. These streams nourish and give life to this beautiful place. Finally, we will reach the highest point of our trek: the summit of the Vinicunca (5,033 meters above sea level).

At this point, we will have plenty of time to snap selfies and photographs, record videos, etc. Then, we will enjoy a snack while we appreciate the magic and energy of this majestic place, which is shrouded in clouds and surrounded by peaks. After this beautiful experience, we will retrace our steps to Pampachiri on a 2.5 hour hike. Upon our arrival, we will board our transport to return to Pitumarca, where we will eat a delicious lunch. Lastly, we will head back to Cusco, arriving at approximately 17:30. Our tour ends at the Regocijo Square.